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If someone told me ten years ago that the future would find me officiating weddings, I would have raised an eyebrow and laughed it off. Ok, I wouldn’t have raised one eyebrow, but only because I actually can’t do that. BUT it would be what I would picture my face to look like as I raised both brows simultaneously.

I digress… the point being that, even though I have always been a talented writer and a clever public speaker, the thought to actually officiate weddings just never occurred to me.

It really all started when my brother and his fiancé asked me to perform their ceremony for them. I surprised myself by, not only accepting immediately, but also doing so with significant enthusiasm. I wrote a completely original script for them and found myself really enjoying the process. I didn’t know it at the time, but by the time the ceremony was over, my life would never be the same.

Other vendors were requesting my card, as if I were a professional that got paid to do this! I couldn’t believe it. But, after that day was over, I could tell that my reality was about to change. And boy, did it! I had booked my first paying wedding within a couple of weeks and everything took off from there.

Now, here I am, actually getting the opportunity to it again and again. I have now even won an award and been profiled in a local online publication! The entire process brings me such joy that I cannot believe that I have not been doing it longer! Whether a quickie elopement or presiding over a fully customized ceremony for 200+ guests, it is my absolute pleasure to provide exactly what you are looking for!

I hold a strong belief that all love is worthy of the celebration of marriage. There is little more beautiful than two people who are making a conscious choice to commit their lives to one another, any two people. Sexuality, gender identity, religion, skin color and socio-economic status are inconsequential when two hearts fall in love with one another. I delight in uniting ALL couples!

I look forward to speaking with you about how I can bring life to your dreams… at the end of the aisle!

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