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Travel and Accommodations

All* travel to locations within 30 miles of 30062 will not accumulate any additional travel fees. 

Rates for travel to locations outside of the 30-mile area are as follows:


            0 - 60 miles                      FREE   

  61 - 100 miles                       $45

111 - 160 miles                       $90

  161 - 200 miles                       $135

  201 - 300 miles                       $175

                     301 miles +           Please inquire 

               (Calculations are based on round trip mileage)

For weddings more than 70 miles outside of 30062, there will be a lodging fee added for 1-2 nights, depending on ceremony times and locations. I will book my own accommodations at a reasonable price within close distance to the wedding venue. 

All charges will be discussed and agreed upon prior to signing contract. There are no surprise fees that pop up later!

*Travel fees for Quick-signings or elopements apply after 20 miles and are charged at $0.50 per mile.

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